Aluminum Multifunctional Ladder – MOR


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About the Product

There are eight forms of use in a single product. Excellent for everyday tasks and for
professional use.

• Ratchets with automatic locking;
• Rubberized tips for better adherence to the floor;
• Fully extended maximum height 3.36m;
• Load capacity up to 150 kg.

Position 1: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 14.5cm x (H) 3.36m
Position 2: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 94cm x (H) 2.46m
Position 3: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 1.17m x (H) 2.39m
Position 4: (L) 34.8cm x (W) 26.9cm x (H) 89cm
Position 5: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 1.31m x (H) 85.6cm
Position 6: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 1.15m x (H) 1.63m
Position 7: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 2.15m x (H) 90.7cm
Position 8: (L) 60.9cm x (W) 2.76m x (H) 94cm

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