Síntese Escadas is a pioneer in Brazil in the manufacture of quality and safe stairs.

Recognized as a traditional manufacturer of ladders for telecommunications and low-, medium- and high-voltage electrical networks, Síntese Escadas manufactures ladders for building and industrial maintenance, ladders for daily residential and commercial activities, as well as strictly complying with the technical standards that govern the manufacture and marketing of products of this kind.

Síntese’s history began in 1986 with the production of wooden stairs. Since its conception, Síntese has always excelled in producing quality-proven staircases in a modest shed on Av. Dom Pedro I, in the São João Batista neighborhood of Belo Horizonte, and later moved to number 845 on the same avenue. In March 2003, due to growing market demand, it began operating in the Vista Alegre industrial district, in Lagoa Santa, in a built-up area of 7,000m² and land of 10,000m².

A Síntese tem como política da qualidade fornecer e desenvolver escadas, seus acessórios e equipamentos afins com qualidade e segurança. Para isso, não mede esforços na produção, desde a criteriosa seleção de seus subfornecedores, um rigoroso controle de qualidade na recepção das matérias primas, passando pelo controle e inspeções nas secções produtivas até a expedição de um produto com a garantia Síntese Escadas.

Há 38 anos no mercado, a Síntese atende com grande eficiência os clientes, buscando sempre a melhor forma de colocar o produto no local indicado com o menor tempo possível.

Síntese Escadas strives to be the leader in sales and profitability in the staircase segment in Brazil.

When it comes to delivering the ladders, the company has the best logistics service in Brazil, as it works with several partner carriers operating in all regions of the country, and the delivery time varies according to the region and the size of the ladders purchased.

Síntese has a partnership with the American company Little Giant, bringing the world’s best self-supporting ladders for domestic, semi-professional and professional use. Look on the website for the premium line.


We work to be leaders in sales and profitability in the stairwell segment in Brazil.

Regarding the delivery of our stairs, we have the best logistics service in the country. This is developed with several partner carriers, operating in all regions of Brazil. The delivery time varies according to the region and the size of the stairs purchased.

We also have a partnership with the American company Little Giant, bringing the best in the world in self-supporting ladders, for domestic, semi-professional and professional use. Search our website for the premium line.


To be an international reference company in the portable ladder segment.


We are ethical in business.
We believe there is no alternative to the truth.
We are personally responsible for security.
We respect people and invest in creating a work environment that promotes professional development and fulfillment.
We comply with and respect the law.
We are people of faith, and we respect differences.
We are strengthened and moved by the certainty that we can do more and better.
We believe in work.
We believe that knowledge transforms human beings. Applied knowledge transforms the world!
We believe that “the good thing is simple; evil is complex”.


We fulfill our Mission:

  • Guarantee safety, quality of our products and services and, consequently, we gain the trust of our customers. We have no right to jeopardize safety, quality or lose the trust placed in us.
  • Seek, in all areas of knowledge, and apply technology, innovation and research; in order to achieve competitiveness and consequent profitability to ensure the perpetuation of our company.
  • Manage through indicators and controls that portray the “naked truth”. “You can’t manage what you can’t control”.
  • Recognize and value the merit of people for their results and through objective, impartial and transparent criteria. People are an organization’s greatest asset!
  • Invest in education, training and culture that generate the necessary knowledge for transformations and expected results.
  • Always and tirelessly reduce costs, attentive, however, to what is of value to our customers, employees and shareholders.

We invite you all to be part of this endeavor! We believe in excellence! And together we will
an even more excellent Síntese!


With a modern factory located in the municipality of Lagoa Santa (Greater Belo Horizonte), Síntese Escadas is currently the most qualified factory in the segment in Brazil, offering quality, customization and a range of stairs, from domestic to professional use.

There are ladders for the electrical sector, telephony, cable TV, the chemical and processing industries, the naval sector, the oil sector, building and industrial maintenance.

The ladders are produced strictly in accordance with ANSI Standard 14.5 and the raw materials used are of the highest quality.

The team of professionals includes trained engineers and the staircase designs are rigorously tested before the product is put on the market.

Provide safety for your employees and savings for your company by working with the most durable and safest ladders in Brazil, use “ESCADAS SÍNTESE”.


Concerned about the environment, Síntese is constantly making sure that the industrial park has well-tended trees that help renew the air and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Dejects and production residues are collected by companies specialized in sustainable management, making Síntese a company responsible for the environment in which it lives.

Recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastic packaging are donated to ASMARE (Association of cardboard and reusable material collectors) in Lagoa Santa, where they are recycled.

Our industrial area is surrounded by trees, providing an environment where various birds, including toucans, often appear to feed on the blackberries in the vegetation of our industrial park. In addition, it is common to see marmosets wandering around the area.


Cep: 33.240-154, Lagoa Santa – Minas Gerais
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